Cosmic Consciousness and the Everlasting Dance of Spirit

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This essay briefly touches upon the method by which consciousness veils and unveils itself at totally different ranges of actuality. The unity of all religions and non secular paths is emphasised by bringing consideration to the significance of non secular liberation by way of the doorway of cosmic consciousness.

After we go searching on the world, we see an unlimited array of seemingly totally different religions and non secular traditions. The ego in mankind impels him to hunt to negate the worldviews of others and to carry his outlook alone as right. After all, even an informal look ought to lead one to doubt the validity of such an selfish worldview. The reality of the matter is that the data of final actuality is contained within the numerous traditions. Resulting from variations in tradition, custom, language, the last word reality is mirrored in several methods in several areas. Nevertheless, it’s the identical reality that’s contained within the numerous traditions. Throughout the confines of this essay I’ll very briefly level out that all the world’s nice religions and non secular traditions comprise the identical everlasting reality and that this reality is in regards to the attainment of everlasting bliss. This everlasting reality begins with an exposition of the emergence of the universe from the primordial state of consciousness that existed previous to the concrete bodily manifestation of the cosmos. Throughout the boundless ocean of the everlasting Godhead, a want to expertise its personal energy of self-manifestation spontaneously arose. God-the-creator, in whom the causal precept has been activated, permits the exceedingly refined vibrational dream buildings to play out in his thoughts first because the sphere of concepts, then because the sphere of life and lastly because the gross bodily sphere.

The manifestation of the world is a course of during which Spirit folds again and displays itself with its personal being because the mirror. This reflection is manifested as an involution (the reversal of evolution) of consciousness from an unbounded state of pure infinite consciousness to a bounded state of divided bodily existence. The assorted scriptures element the autumn of the gross bodily world and mankind from a sphere of undivided existence right into a diminished state of being during which the person ego is confronted with concern, hazard, hatred, illness, warfare and numerous different misfortunes arising from duality or the false concept of division within the indivisible spirit. As a substitute of residing in a state of unbounded bliss, mankind is noticed to stay with out knowledge, experiencing divided states that fluctuate wildly between sorrow and pleasure. Standing on this desert of non secular poverty, mankind receives the present of scriptures by way of compassionate sages that present him with a roadmap for locating the best way again to everlasting pleasure. Ignorance rooted within the phantasm of the ego nonetheless creates battle between totally different religions and promotes intolerance, hatred and bigotry. In fact, there’s absolute unity within the message of the world’s religions and non secular traditions.

All phenomena within the realm of manifestation are nothing aside from the dynamic movement of spirit. By retracing the trail traversed by consciousness, the realm of the afterlife is defined within the context of the development of consciousness by way of the unfolding of spirit in an evolutionary means of self-unveiling. On the daybreak of the cosmos, spirit hides or veils itself as matter. Spirit then unveils itself from matter and divulges itself as life. Ultimately spirit unveils itself from life and divulges itself because the sense-mind. On the finish of the outward means of evolution, spirit unveils itself as mind in mankind. On the degree of mankind, there isn’t a extra outward evolution, and the method of evolution folds again and continues in an inward path. The inward means of evolution proceeds by way of two realms that are the sphere of life and the sphere of concepts. The 2 interior spheres are the domains of expertise within the afterlife.

Of explicit significance within the evolution of consciousness is the state of cosmic consciousness that one should attain to achieve the indestructible abode of everlasting bliss. Within the state of cosmic consciousness, one experiences oneness with the complete universe, feels compassion and love for all beings, experiences everlasting bliss, is conscious of their immortality and lives within the everlasting now. Having reached the state of cosmic consciousness the soul is freed perpetually and ever. With the person wave of pleasure having consciously reunited with the ocean of pleasureArticle Search, the soul enjoys infinite and everlasting bliss. That’s everlasting life.

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