Everlasting Bliss Defined

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The search for happiness is a common impulse. Certainly, on the root of all human actions is the search for happiness. The workaholic toils evening and day to accrue accomplishments whose basis is the seek for happiness. Monks, nuns and ascetics resign worldly endeavors due to this ubiquitous pursuit of happiness. A lover seeks this happiness from their beloved. Even beneath one thing as tragic as habit, the seek for happiness is the driving drive. In actuality, do individuals attain this holy grail of happiness?

What we observe is that in actuality individuals are likely to expertise divided types of happiness that fluctuate between opposing poles. At one second, individuals could expertise happiness, solely to expertise sorrow within the subsequent second. Extrinsic objects and different dualistic attainments are ultimately discovered to be empty, and are seen to contribute to an ever-expanding urge for food that’s perpetually unquenchable and that disrupts interior peace. The result’s that individuals usually stay unhappy with their lives as a result of they haven’t found out the way to discover true happiness. This dissatisfaction creates interior turmoil and anguish. The reality is that the happiness that persons are looking for is a happiness that’s infinite and everlasting. Since this final happiness doesn’t have an reverse comparable to sorrow, into which it might probably sink, I’ll as a substitute consult with it as bliss. This unbounded bliss will not be solely the aim of all existence, however additionally it is the bottom of all existence.

The great thing about this bliss is that’s attainable by anybody. Furthermore, as soon as it has been attained, it might probably by no means be misplaced. Its attainment is the summit of all existence that erases all sorrows and fears. World historical past has witnessed sages from totally different cultures who’ve realized this final bliss and who’ve spoken of this immortal pleasure to all of humanity. In parts of the assorted scriptures of the world, individuals can get glimpses of this infinite bliss. Within the western world, Plotinus- the Neo-Platonic thinker spoke about this bliss in his writings. All through historical past, there have been brave people who’ve spent their lives in search of to seek out the means to realize this everlasting bliss. By relentlessly inquiring into the character of final actuality by means of all ranges of consciousness, these brave beings pierced by means of the veil of darkness that casts a shadow of ignorance on mankind’s materials existence. On this approach, these sages found the supernal splendor of the last word bliss of all existence.

From age to age, compassionate beings have been conscious of this bliss. Out of profound love for humanity, they’ve sought to elucidate the character of this bliss and the strategies by which this bliss could be attained. These sages who’ve realized everlasting bliss are liberated beings. They’ve attained liberation from sorrow, concern and all types of divided existence. They’re conscious of their immortality and usually are not afraid of demise. Whereas residing on this planet, they expertise infinite bliss and reside playful and joyful lives. Probably the most distinctive attribute of the sages who’ve attained final bliss is that they’re profoundly compassionate. They deal with all beings with kindness, dignity and love. The liberated being’s mode of consciousness is cosmic consciousness wherein they expertise a way of oneness with your entire universe. It’s this cosmic consciousness that should be attained with a purpose to notice infinite bliss.

Some of the well-known liberated beings is Gautama Buddha who is legendary for his compassion for the struggling of all beings. Round two thousand years in the past, Jesus Christ introduced a message of hope and redemption to all struggling souls. Residing from a middle of cosmic consciousness, Jesus led a lifetime of compassion, love and wholeness. In India, there was a really variety girl named Sri Anandamayi Ma who lived a life that was characterised by a profound love for humanity. She was a liberated being who lived with common consciousness. The central message that these three benevolent sages emphasised was that to seek out true bliss, humanity should flip their consciousness inwards and thus return to their everlasting nature. By cultivating love and compassion, mankind can erase the ignorance that stops him from discovering pleasure.

The interior instructing of all of the liberated beings reveals the trail by which everlasting liberation could be attained. When mankind has freed his being from the illness generally known as the ego, he awakens to the everlasting kingdom of cosmic consciousness and turns into conscious of the immortality of the soul. With the delusion of ego having been erasedComputer Technology Articles, man thus attains everlasting bliss.

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