The Foolish Essay

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I assumed it will be enjoyable to set down a few of the random, foolish ideas I’ve been pondering over the past a number of weeks. On this time of geopolitical intenseness, I determine if I want a “foolish” break than so do others.
I’ve been questioning what life could be like if sweet bar corporations additionally made condoms. I suppose it will convey a complete new advertising and marketing technique to the names snickers and whatchamacallit. I used to be additionally considering that Trojan ought to diversify into the safety enterprise seeing as they’re already 97 % efficient.
I spent a while fascinated about what the political campaigns is likely to be like if their slogans had been created by private hygiene product corporations. As an example you may hear one thing like, “Summer season’s Bush, whenever you’re having that not-so-Kerry feeling” or “Strive preparation-Okay to alleviate that irritable Bush and Cheney sensation”.
I’ve been questioning in regards to the observe of denouncing your opponent’s army information throughout the presidential marketing campaign. What would they combat about if neither of them had or allegedly had army information? I envision a marketing campaign through which not listening to sufficient nation music is equated with being unpatriotic and being indicative of poor management qualities.
I’ve all the time needed to see the Olympics return to their authentic format. Athletes participated with out clothes. The Olympic sponsors is likely to be Trojan and Viagra. Their slogan may very well be “Nudity Promotes Unity”. They most likely wouldn’t be capable to make the identical change for the Winter Olympics. I’m considering “luge disaster”.
Lastly, given the casualness of intercourse in immediately’s society, I’ve typically questioned if the surgeon normal shouldn’t require a warning label on particular person condoms, “Warning contents may very well be dangerous to the remainder of your life”; “don’t dispense contents whereas inebriated, unlawful medicine, immaturity, or silly”. And at last my favourite, “Contents not applicable for these with out brains.”
So what’s the purpose of a foolish little essay like this? It’s to be foolish and make an try to seek out some humor in a world that tends to be too intense or severe. The anniversary of the 9/11 tragedy is about one week away and we might be reminded of a horrible lack of life and of our personal vulnerability. After honoring those that have handed away and saluting our nation we’ll want some levity to stability issues out. Don’t be afraid to be slightly foolishArticle Submission, it’s wholesome.

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